Diamond or Moissanite Engagement Rings?


Teenagers and adults in recent times keenly look at the most special features of diamond jewelleries in particular diamond engagement rings. They are eager to focus on top diamond engagement ring designs on online with an aim to choose and purchase suitable engagement rings to make their day special. They make certain that black diamonds are real diamonds which appear in the color opaque recognized as fancy black.

Different diamonds

As compared to pink, colourless and red diamonds, black diamonds are less common in the resale diamond market. Men and women of every age group can prefer and wear black diamond rings and other genres of jewelleries. There is no rule for color of the engagement ring. However, black diamond rings are mostly suggested for individuals who love diamond rings.

The most famous black diamonds in the world catch the attention of everyone who has decided to buy the best in class nature of black diamond jewellery. Black diamond nowadays plays the major role in your culture and encourages you to buy black diamond engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings

It is the right time to contact and consult with specialists in black diamond jewelleries on online at Otomo. Many celebrities worldwide nowadays present and wear black diamond based jewelleries. They have a crush on the uniqueness of the black diamonds and enhanced their fashionable appearance in all the possible ways.

There are hundreds or thousands of microscopic fractures in every black diamond. These fractures may make diamonds vulnerable to breakage. You can enhance the appearance and increase the lifetime of black diamond when you properly care and clean black diamond on a regular basis.

Distinctiveness and dramatic beauty make diamond engagement rings very popular and give 100% satisfaction to couples worldwide. This is worthwhile to focus on some significant things like as follows before buying diamond engagement rings.

  • Cost

  • Scratches

  • Carat weight

  • Quality

  • Uniqueness

Moissanite jewellery items

Colourless and near-colourless jewels in recent times give 100% satisfaction and fashionable look to everyone. You may be enthusiastic to find out and purchase an outstanding nature of the incredible jewellery items such as engagement rings. You can keep in touch with the specialist in the moissanite jewels and make an informed decision to purchase suitable engagement rings.

As a unique jewel, moissanite attracts everyone and encourages such people to directly purchase the best suitable jewelry in this genre. There are loads of reasons behind the highest possible popularity of moissanite throughout the world. However, the main reasons are as follows.

  • Value

  • Beauty

  • Quality

  • Brilliance

  • Uniqueness

Attractive things in moissanite

You may be one among women who have a crush on the bold and big sparkle of moissanite in recent times. You can explore unique aspects of moissanite engagement rings and compare rings in this category with diamond engagement rings. This is worthwhile to mull over loads of vital things before comparing engagement rings in both moissanite and diamonds categories.

It is the best suitable time to explore the most excellent rewards for both professional and personal achievements. You can feel free to look at all attractive aspects of moissanite and diamond engagement rings. You will make clear every doubt soon after you have contacted the specialist in the engagement rings made of diamonds or moissanite. You will be encouraged to buy, present or use the best in class nature of the engagement rings.


The cost is one of the most significant things to bear in mind while comparing moissanite and diamond engagement rings. The cost of the diamond is depending on the following four C’s.

  • Cut

  • Colour

  • Clarity

  • Carat

The overall brilliance and beauty of the diamond are depending on these four things. Though the cost of the moissanite is almost equal to the cost of the diamond, many people prefer one of these jewelleries. Do not forget that size and type of these two stones are different.


Every diamond is graded on the GIA color scale which starts from the D and ends in Z. However, every moissanite is not classified by its color. Moissanites are colourless and look like the diamond in the K grade of the GIA diamond scale. You can look at green, yellow or green tints in large moissanite under certain lights. You can make certain about the stark difference from the diamond.


The overall hardness of the gemstone is measured using the Mohs scale. The range of the hardness of any gemstone in the Mohs scale is from one to ten. The value one is the softest gemstone and the value ten is the hardest gemstone. The hardness of moissanite in this scale is 9.25. On the other hand, the hardness of the diamond reaches the value 10. Diamonds are resilient, durable and perfect for engagement rings and everyday wear.


All listeners to the overall sparkle of diamonds do not fail to get an overview about the ability of the diamond to bend and refract each genre of light. The maximum brilliance makes diamonds outstanding in all aspects and keeps its remarkable quality throughout its lifetime.

Moissanites give off a variety of sparkles. Facets of these mossianites are formed in a different way. These things make mossianites less white light refraction than any genre of diamonds. Though these jewels make sparkle, they are not vibrant and clear when compared to diamond.

The signature brilliance of the diamond impresses individuals of every age group and makes all users more contented than ever. Diamonds emit fire due to the reflection of rainbow light or coloured light. Every moissanite gives off an outstanding nature of the vibrant coloured light reflection.


Diamond and moissanite engagement rings get ever-increasing popularity worldwide. Listeners to these wedding rings nowadays fulfil their wishes on the hassle-free approach for buying suitable engagement rings within the budget. They clarify their doubts and make a good decision for engagement rings shopping. They will get 100% satisfaction and be confident to suggest these diamond rings to their friends.