If miracles are one of the best things we can imagine… and if they are unpredictable, life-changing, divinely-orchestrated events… how can I experience more of them?

That’s how it began. About a year ago, a spark woke up in me. An interest (though I didn’t know it at the time) in magic.

It continued, that spark, to lead me down different and connected paths until today. It’s fun. I’m not an expert, but I’m reading and enjoying it so immensely. And it’s actually a miracle in itself because all the time I was complaining that “I have no intuition” or “I don’t trust my intuition”, it was tugging me gently along a path which is really *only* about intuition.

You see, I didn’t realise that interest and imagination _is_ my intuition. It’s the rabbit holes I fall down, like Alice.

Learning about astrology and tarot, dieties and ritual, doesn’t sound, to the me I am most familiar with, like something I would do.

Yet here we are. Alive, powerful, sovreign. Hunting for miracles and finding them, sometimes. Feeling like the dreamer of the dream instead of a victim of circumstance.

I didn’t know where to start talking about this, so I asked my tarot deck and the answer, of course, was The Fool. Start at the beginning.