Dear Uncle Carl (Jung) taught us that, until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.
I have very much enjoyed getting to know my own Inner Other a little better by, nightly, inviting her to supply me with joyful and informative dreams, that I will remember in the morning. The last part doesn’t *always* work (also; sometimes, foolishly, I reach for my phone on first waking instead of my notebook – we know how that ends).
Some things that have helped with accessing this rich seam of self-discovery are Mugwort (see my previous post: the picture of steps and door in a hedge), drunk, smoked, or an infusion in oil for anointing; direct communication with my dream genius (see above); making offerings; interpretation.

My method of dream interpretation was introduced to me by my mentor @carolynelliott_ and is deeply helpful – taking me from “Bryan as a psychopath WTFLOLZ” to ‘dear heart, this is your deep fear of forging a successful career’. Information that is both enlightening and actionable.

And today’s picture? A call to add an item to my altar to represent the gateway between consciousness and dreaming. Lego was to hand, as many mothers with children of a certain age will attest. It is doing marvellous service.