I was quite clear (though, you will see, not clear enough), that owning equines was a *long term* goal.

The way it happened was this:

My sister gave me a card about ponies, for my birthday in July. Also, I had been playing around with sigils with my friend Stefanie. A sigil is a symbol representing a desired outcome. None of my sigils included owning horses…

(… although… now that I think of it … I believe an earlier batch may have done so. Oh dear.)

The day after our coven meeting a new book was delivered. It also included a chapter on sigils (so many of them seem to). I liked the author’s approach to identifying a desire: instead of, “I want £2,000” he used, “How did I come to own this beautiful piano?”

That weekend the owner of the yard where my daughter has a half hour weekly riding lesson told me that Mikey the pony was on the brink of being sold. She wanted to give us first refusal as she knows how much we adore him, but an enthusiastic buyer was calling her daily. I asked for a little time, but promised a decision by Monday.

For the next 24 hours I stalked the world with my hair on end from scratching my head, turning the question over and over in my head “How did I come to own this fantastic pony?”

The answer came suddenly, and extremely clearly. “You own this pony by paying for it with the money that is already in your bank account. You don’t need to raise extra funds to do this. And you will pay his keep with the money coming in through your businesses.”

And to my surprise and delight, my husband felt as confident as I did that I will be able to support this new addition. From someone as financially cautious as he has been, it felt like a tremendous validation and vote of confidence.

And that, friends, is my story about how I suddenly and unexpectedly came to be a horse-owner. Magic does indeed happen; but please learn from my lesson and be specific about your timeframes, if that is important to you.

Oh, and a final note. To the untrained eye it may not be apparent, but little Mikey is, in fact, a unicorn. In the equestrian world, a ‘unicorn’ pony is one who is safe, sane, sound and vice-free. So there we have it.

My little girl, riding a unicorn.