When my magic doesn’t work – when I’ve been trying to create something for weeks and nothing seems to be incoming – it’s time to renew my word.

You see, in order to be a powerful magician, our word must mean something in the world. If, in a fit of masochism we decide to commit to jogging every day, or to decline second helpings of pudding, but give up in the first week, our word is broken.

Nobody is harmed! – except, of course and most importantly, our own relationship to our will and commitment.

I’ve been taught to treat commitments very seriously, and include an element of ritual to strengthen my word if it is broken.

This is the ‘god-cake’ at a nearby crossroads where I go when my goals are not met or my commitments broken. I leave an offering of coins and recite an invocation to Hermes to strengthen my will and my word.

July’s commitment was to desist from controlling and complaining: as you can imagine I was there often, and the neighbourhood children are all riding new bicycles.