On a small altar sits a Lego Duplo piece in green and yellow plastic, a window frame building block. Ion the background you can glimpse a pair of orange candles, a small offering bowl, a tarot card, an orange post it note.

Dream gateway

Dear Uncle Carl (Jung) taught us that, until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.
I have very much enjoyed getting to know my own Inner Other a little better by, nightly, inviting her to supply me with joyful and informative dreams, that I will remember in the morning. The last part doesn’t *always* work (also; sometimes, foolishly, I reach for my phone on first waking instead of my notebook - we know how that ends).
Some things that have helped with accessing this rich seam of self-discovery are Mugwort (see my previous post: the picture of steps and door in a hedge), drunk, smoked, or an infusion in oil for anointing; direct communication with my dream genius (see above); making offerings; interpretation.

My method of dream interpretation was introduced to me by my mentor @carolynelliott_ and is deeply helpful - taking me from “Bryan as a psychopath WTFLOLZ” to ‘dear heart, this is your deep fear of forging a successful career’. Information that is both enlightening and actionable.

And today’s picture? A call to add an item to my altar to represent the gateway between consciousness and dreaming. Lego was to hand, as many mothers with children of a certain age will attest. It is doing marvellous service.

The Helter Skelter traditional fairground slide on Herne Bay pier in Kent, UK. The sun is shining on the ride but there is a brooding, stormy sky behind it.

Helter Skelter

To begin practicing magic, you will need:

- a vivid imagination (even if slightly atrophied from under-use)
- the ability to concentrate for short periods of time
- a willingness to make mistakes and laugh about it.

Now I see it written down, it strikes me that it’s similar to the list of requirements for starting up in business.

It can help to throw open your wardrobe and mine it for the clothes, shoes, accessories that have the best stories attached - but only if that is fun and easy for you. It’s just to tickle up the imagination. A devastatingly glamorous headdress will serve the same purpose.

Pick a spell or ritual. There are many interesting titles around 025.431 in the Dewey Decimal System at your local library, or wherever else you may turn for information.

Avoid money magic to begin. It works, but can provoke watching and waiting (leading to more watching and waiting).

You don’t need any special equipment. Use what you have. Don’t wait until you’ve purchased the blue candle or six quartz crystals.

Magic is a practice, so best to make a start, then refine. And it *loves* a workaround - a shared language, you see.

You must keep a record of your experiments - note everything from the date to the intention, your mood, the day of your cycle, the astrological weather, your tarot card of the day.

Study yourself: for now you are a magician.

“We do not need to know how magic works, only that it does. We prove this by doing the work, recording the results, and sharing our information with other magicians.” - Grant Morrison

A wooden gate is set into a tall hedge. In front of it, partially blocking the path, is a four foot high self seeded Mugwort plant.

Mugwort in my Way

For several weeks I’ve been infusing oil with, drinking, and even occasionally smoking mugwort, a sacred herb used to assist divination, sleep and lucid dreaming, and is used for smudging for protection and purification just like sage. My dreamscapes have been so wild and blissful I can’t help but want more and more, and also to be able to bring them back into awakeness with me.

And just yesterday I noticed that the very large plant, which has been almost in my way and which I pass multiple times per week (as I go through ’the gate in the hedge’ one of my most favourite portals) is - I am fairly sure - Mugwort.

I think maybe it’s saying I need more ;)