The Birthday Card

My sister gave me this card. It's the perfect card for me, because I *pined* for a pony in my childhood and now as a grown-ass woman I still kind of pine for one, but in another much more real sense I've realised the dream, because me and my daughter to go a friends' stables and shovel shit in return for a lot of pony face time and rides, and while we're there we both pretend it's our own place and the horses are ours.

And it's hilarious because if you look really really close, the name written on the card in illustration, is "Ann."

And it's also hilarious because it gave me the idea that things can be other things. So while I was shovelling the shit I realised that I could completely designate anything I earn from my new business, as 'pony fund'.

Which really is a lot more motivating than imagining it just draining into the bottomless depths of mortgage payments, utilities etc.

Then I got home and realised that I haven't even updated my affirmation to include my new business. Girl come *on*.

So what's funny is, maybe my sister did give me a pony.