Anna to camera, vintage

I’m Anna. I am an extremely powerful magician* and a copywriter.

A copywriter? What’s that? It means I’m a writer who writes for businesses.

Words for websites, sales pages, emails, lead magnets and advertisements. Words of beauty, power and magic that magnetise your ideal customers.

Writing is a gorgeous dance for me when it is flowing easily, and a hilarious pillow-fight when it is not. It makes my brain feel so, so good to learn all about your business and services fast, grasp your very good ideas and alchemise them into word spells of exquisite power.

I’ve been refining this craft for a very long time – over 15 years in this lifetime alone.

If you came across this website and read this page, consider that perhaps this is the sign that you need some support to attract loving, loyal and *paying* customers. They say a masterful copywriter is worth her weight in gold. You found her.

Please, feel free to contact me and whisper what led you here. We’ll keep it fun and informal. Maybe we’ll discuss how magical words can be. I can’t wait to hear about your work.

* as, of course, are you.