Needle & Hook makes of one-of-a-kind hand made knitwear.

Anna has knitted since childhood and started designing (for the craft market) about 15 years ago. She develops the designs and the knitting is done by a small team of local knitters who are properly paid for their time. This supplements the income of women in an area of high poverty, many of whom cannot access other employment (assuming opportunities exist for them) due to caring responsibilities and/or health problems. They work from their homes – sometimes meeting up to work in groups – using skills that are often vastly undervalued, possibly because knitting has traditionally been women’s work.

The rise of exploitative labour practices in clothing manufacture has made it even harder for textile crafters in the UK to be paid appropriately. It’s time to put that right.

We use a mix of reclaimed and new fibres from cashmere to cotton, silk to metallic synthetics. The designs make use of oddments and ‘waste’ ends of yarn so very little is thrown away.

All Needle & Hook garments come with free repairs (where possible) for life. Contact repairs@needleandhook.co.uk. Alas, not all damage is recoverable.