Imagine you have an enchanted golden tap you can open whenever you like, to bring more customers into your business.

Picture those delighted customers returning to you again and again as they lap, like greedy little round-bellied kittens, at the creamy goodness of your delicious, magnetic marketing messages.

I know: it sounds too good to be true. But some things are good and true.

You know you could reach so many more people and have a far greater impact on the world. Not to mention the transformational impact that having more customers would have on your own life.

Powerful copy, expertly deployed, is the enchanted tap.

I write for small heart-led, intuitive, spiritual, magical businesses like yours. It delights my overactive mind to fully understand the soul of your business, your divine inspiration, and alchemise them into words of irresistible and undeniable Power.

Photo by Kirsten Marie Ebbesen on Unsplash

Magic words for unusual businesses

If we decide to work together, I will send you a questionnaire to help me understand much more about your business.

Then we’ll have a 60-90 minute commencement meeting on Skype or Zoom.

I’ll develop a message hierarchy and tone of voice guide (which are yours forever), and recommendations.

Then, following ritual and meditation, I will write.

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