Hello, I’m Anna Bellissima. I’m an award-winning copywriter, writing extraordinary copy for small business owners, and I also specialise in guiding people (through alchemy of the psyche and other magical practices), to become wildly creative, self-expressive and confident.

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If you’re interested in inviting me to speak on your podcast, or other opportunities for collaborations and creative cahoots, please write to me at magick (at) needleandhook.co.uk


Here's how you can work with me:

I can work with you on sales pages, websites, email sequences and other marketing collateral, either as your writer or as your guide, advisor and editor.
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Starting 14th July, THE SUMMONING is a 21 day course of prompts, tasks, templates and magical practices to get your email list set up and attracting subscribers without too much input from you.
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